Success Stories

Ashley paid off credit cards and a personal loan giving her an extra $338 a month

Home EQ $101,700

Amount Borrowed: $40,000

Days to get money: 21

State: Florida

Quick Story: I needed to lower my monthly payments. Spring EQ evaluated my debt and recommended I payoff $40,000 of credit card and personal loan debt with a home equity loan. It was clear to me that Spring EQ specializes in home equity loans. They made it a painless process. Great company with great people and service. Keep up the good work!

Charles used his house to pay for needed renovations

Home EQ $74,250

Amount Borrowed: $48,000

Days to get money: 14

State: North Carolina

Quick Story: My home needed some major renovations. As one of LendingTree's preferred lenders, I decided to try Spring EQ. They quickly determined how much I could borrow including my rate and payment. The process was extremely smooth thanks to my loan officer and loan advocate. I hope my renovations go this smooth.

Jamie got rid of her car loan freeing up $105 a month AND remodeled her basement

Home EQ $323,750

Amount Borrowed: $85,800

Days to get money: 32

State: Florida

Quick Story: We refinanced our house a year ago and did not want to lose our low rate. My loan officer at Spring EQ did not try to push me to refi my 1st mortgage like other banks I spoke to. We paid off a car loan and added some extra cash to refinish our basement. Process took a little longer than I expected…but I did send my documents in a little late. Net net it was a smooth process and a happy ending! …better than my last refi!

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Thomas and his wife turned their vision of a gourmet kitchen into a reality

Home EQ $177,300

Amount Borrowed: $50,000

Days to get money: 18

State: California

Quick Story: My wife and I wanted to build our vision of a gourmet kitchen. We reached out to various banks including Spring EQ. The reason we decided to use Spring EQ was the loan officer took the time to understand our needs and I never felt pressured. We expected a painful process but were really happy on how well things went.

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Rakesh eliminated his variable rate for the security of a fixed rate

Home EQ $169,200

Amount Borrowed: $132,500

Days to get money: 24

State: North Carolina

Quick Story: I had a $130,000 home equity credit line with a variable rate that recently increased twice. I wanted to convert to the security of a fixed rate home equity loan. I am very appreciative of the masterly and knowledgeable experience that my loan officer demonstrated. He listened to all my questions and answered them with precession.

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Erica and her husband purchased their dream cabin in the mountains

Home EQ $360,000

Amount Borrowed: $152,400

Days to get money: 28

State: California

Quick Story: My husband and I wanted to fulfill our dream of owning a vacation cabin in the mountains. We decided to use a home equity loan to pay for it. After we completed our application with Spring EQ, we had a problem with the appraisal. I voiced my concerns to our loan officer who quickly understood the issue and called me back an hour later with a resolution. No company is perfect but how well they resolve a problem demonstrates their commitment to customers. A great company!